The Wonderful Advantages Of Working With An Employment Recruiter


Do you want to start looking for a job but have no idea where to start? Do you want to work on something that you actually finished in college or in something that you actually want to do?

You are already aware that you need to go through interviews and such before you get hired, but do you really understand how hiring really works? In order to get a better understanding of how hiring works, and to know the best ways to get hired, you should contact a recruiter.

What are recruiters?

Recruiters are qualified individuals who are appointed by employers to find top-notch candidates to fill the empty positions within their company. They are commonly known as third-party recruiters since they do not work for one individual company, rather they work on their own or on an independent recruitment company.

Most recruiters are on a contingency basis. This means that they will only get their payment if they are able to successfully fill an empty job position for their clients.

Why should I work with recruiters?

The choice to work with a recruiter completely lies with you. If you feel confident enough about your job hunting skills then go for it. However, as Jeff Abram Vice President at SearchWest Inc said, for those out there who are still not quite sure about what to do and where to start looking for jobs, then you should seek a recruiter as they know the industries better than anyone as they are exposed to the needs of employers on a daily basis.

Getting assistance from a recruiter can be really useful. Recruiters often have a thorough understanding and knowledge of what companies want and because of that, they can offer you some advice and tips before going into an actual interview. Some reputable and established recruiters will painstakingly prepare you before meeting with the company – they will offer tips on what you should say, what you should ask etc.

They will also give you information about the culture and history of the company you will be going into. Having this insight will be advantageous for you since most organizations want someone who is not just qualified for the job but has an overall understanding about their company. They can also help promote your application and they can even negotiate for you if you are successful in the later stages of the interview.

There are 2 kinds of recruiters and you should work with the one that will best suit your needs.

External recruiter. They are employed by companies to fill different positions. How do you work with them? You have to communicate with them openly. You do not have to tell them your deepest, darkest secrets but you do have to be honest. Be honest about your interests and experiences. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice. They may be able to help you if you have any issues.

Internal recruiter. They are often known as corporate recruiters or in-house recruiters. They work for a single company. They are exclusively responsible for hiring and to fill the empty positions within the company they work for. Smaller companies may have HR teams that supervise all facets of managing talent.

Choosing to work with a particular recruiter has its own pros. For example, an internal recruiter has the knowledge about the ins and outs of the company they work for. If you are really aiming for a certain company then it would be better to go with them. External recruiters on the other hand, will serve as the intermediary between you and different companies.  If you are not able to get one job, they may be able to help you look for other opportunities.

Looking for a job is never easy. You have to utilize all your skills and knowledge and in some cases, you may even have to reach out to other people to help you. This is what recruiters are for. They will not secure the job for you but they will surely guide you along the way.

How To Know If You Will Be Hired In Less Than 60 Seconds

Ever wonder what impressions you bring to the table when you go to a job interview?

Did you know that most of the time, a decision on whether to hire you or not has already been made about you within the first 60 seconds of the job interview?

Want to know if you fit the bill? Check out this infographic to find out what you have been missing!

60 second job impression

Top Five Questions Candidates Can Ask Right Before Getting Hired


Have you ever wondered what are the best questions to ask right before getting hired?

One bad move and it’ll blow your chances. However, if you know what to ask, it can open doors of opportunity. Ask the best questions and have better chances into landing on your dream job. Be familiar with these questions and climb the ladder of success right now.

So below is a list of the top 5 questions to ask, make sure you study them by heart and memorize them before going into your interview, you don’t want to read these off of a piece of paper as that might not look as professional.

1. What is my role?  Having a good knowledge of the job description will give you an idea on what you will be doing in case you get hired. This information should be specific. Every team has a vacant spot that you need to fill in.

To merely have that position is simply not enough, you will be expected to perform well. Some companies are looking for mentors, good followers, creative and hard working candidates. Know your role to know your boundaries, limits and allowed capabilities. The latter will create harmony and will give way to the growth of the team.

2. What are your expectations of me? It is highly recommended that you ask specifically what you need to deliver to help the team. Find out if their expectations match to your skills and abilities. Note whether these expectations are doable.

3. Are there any additional important skills that I should need to perform this job? Every job is very particular on what skills it needs. This can be the perfect time to bring up those skills you have that is appropriate to the job that you are applying for?

May these skills be learned or may take time to be learned, you should know and you should be honest to yourself.

4. Who will I be working with?  Know more about your colleagues. This may give you an idea of how you will work with and together you will function as a unit. More often than not, companies have active members in each team.

They make sure that every person knows each other, but not in a very intimate level, just enough to know further about your role and how to get along with them well.

5. How is success measured in your company? To identify how your progress is measured gives you an idea on how high up the success ladder you can climb.

You can share information about your previous job and add who among your colleagues before you consider successful. Best practices and good working habits can be great topics to add as well.

These are the best questions to ask right before getting hired. As an eager job candidate, asking relevant questions will give the interviewer not only a good impression but an idea that you would really love to work for them. Getting hired can be very tough competition.

There are a lot of job seekers who want to wear the same shoes that you’re trying to wear. By asking these questions, you will have an edge and you’ll accelerate to the top priority list. Be confident and may you have the best of luck!